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This Privacy Policy explains what kind of information about you Gaijin Network Ltd. collects and processes when you use our online games "War Thunder", "Crossout", "Star Conflict", and others published by Gaijin Network Ltd. ("Game"/"Games"), the official online store of the Games -, the official websites of the Games -,,, as well as other websites where this Privacy Policy is published ("Website"/"Websites"), and other services (e.g., support services, in-game chats, forums, etc.) related to the Games or Gaijin Network Ltd. Gaijin Network Ltd. will hereinafter be referred to as "Gaijin". The pronouns "we", "our" and their derivatives also refer to Gaijin Network Ltd.


If after reviewing this Privacy Policy you still have questions or privacy concerns please contact us at


Data controller means the legal person which determines the purposes and means of the processing of user data.

Controller's name: Gaijin Network Ltd.

Address: Kyriakou Matsi, 10 Liliana Building, 2nd floor Office 203, PC 1082 Nicosia, Cyprus



2.1. Data you provide us:

2.1.1. when you create a game account - nickname and email.

2.1.2. when you contact our support team, send your messages in chat, post your comments on the forum - data that you send at your discretion and/or with your consent;

2.1.3. when you enable the two-factor authorization - your mobile phone number;

2.1.4. when you provide us with data to send you a prize or a gift - the data that is required for delivery and/or use of the prize/gift;

2.1.5. if you participate in our surveys - the data required for participation in the survey.

2.2. Data we may collect automatically:

2.2.1. User ID generated by us;

2.2.2. IP-address;

2.2.3. Data about your device (operating system, browser type and language, manufacturer, model, screen resolution, interface language);

2.2.4. Profile data and gameplay data;

2.2.5. Traffic source (source from which the Game was installed on your mobile device);

2.2.6. General location data (if available, usually the country and the city, without identifying your specific location);

2.2.7. Gameplay data and data on interaction with other players (application installation date; version of the application; interface language; all and any quantitative and time data about your in-game activity, incl. gaming achievements, completed game tasks, in-game purchases, game results, information about in-game interactions with other players, the time of the last gaming session, information about any queries executed through the Game, etc.);

2.2.8. Records of your requests to our support team, other requests send to us in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.3. Data we may collect from our partners:

2.3.1. Data we collect when players link third-party services (i.e., Facebook, Mail.Ru, Gmail) with our Games, including your name (nickname), email, profile image (photo), data on your friends playing the same Game as you, depending on the privacy settings of the particular third-party service);

2.3.2. Data to fight fraud and unfair methods of play;

2.3.3. Data from platforms that the games run on (such as to verify payment; other platforms IDs);

2.3.4. Data for advertising and analytics purposes, so we can provide you a better service.

2.3.5. Data from our payment partners for sending the invoices to you when you buy something in our official store -

2.4. Public data we may collect:

2.4.1. Your feedback, comments, opinions about the Games and our services published by you in the form of texts, audio recordings, video recordings on public resources.

2.5. Data we DO NOT collect:

2.5.1. We do not collect any data about your payment instruments (i.e., bankcard data, etc.);

2.5.2. We do not request or intend to collect any "special categories of personal data" (i.e., any information on your health, race, religion, political views, etc.). Kindly be cautious when sharing this information about yourself on the Websites, in game chats and on forums.


We use the information collected about you and your device to provide you with our Games and services and conduct our business. We pursue the following goals when processing your user data:

(1) To perform the contract with you and to enable you to play our Games, use the Websites and related services - for this purpose we do the following:

(a) operate, administer and support our Games and Websites;

(b) create user profiles, build up and maintain users database;

(c) receive bug reports, improve your game experience, improve the quality of our services, develop, improve our Games, Websites and related services;

(d) enable you to communicate with other players in chats and on forums (where available);

(e) conduct surveys and researches, analyze, integrate use the received results in an anonymized form;

(f) personalize our Games and Websites for you (i.e., by storing your preferences and settings);

(g) send you messages in order to confirm the fulfillment of certain actions by you - by mobile phone number and/or email;

(h) send you technical messages, service notices, legal notices (including changes in regulatory documents), replies to your requests in our support service, the results of our consideration of your requests in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other mandatory information – by email.

(2) To show personalized advertisements and send direct marketing messages to you - for this purpose our analytics partners (see article 5.2.) and some other partners may track your online behavior and then show you personalized advertisements in the Games as well as in other games and websites. In addition, we may make you special personalized in-game offers based on the data about your use of our Games. We also may send you by e-mail information messages about games patches and updates, news, forthcoming releases, special promotions and offers, discounts, competitions, etc. For details on your right to opt out of personalized advertisements and direct marketing messages, see article 6.2.

(3) To ensure security, to fight fraud and unfair methods of play - for this purpose we may monitor and analyze the behavior of players in the Games, take action against players who violate the rules of fair play, take necessary precautionary measures.

(4) To analyze all collected data, to segment and profile data.

(5) To comply with applicable laws, perform legal obligations, exercise or protect our rights, protect your vital interests or the interests of others.


Other players may see some of your user data. For example, other players may see your nickname and profile image (photo) as well as your nickname and account image (photo) from your social network account if you linked your social network account to your game account, they can see also your game results, posts on the Websites, messages in chats and on forums. In addition, your nickname and profile image can be viewed in game ratings (leaderboards) placed on a variety of Internet resources.


As a rule, we do not share your user data with anyone and ensure confidentiality of your data. However, in some cases described in this Privacy Policy, we may share your user data with third parties.

5.1. We may share your user data with any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court for the purposes of compliance with the applicable law, response to their lawful request.

5.2. Analytics partners. We share some of your user data with our partners processing your user data for statistics, analytics and providing you with personalized online advertising ("Analytics Partners"). Such partners, for example, include Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. We encourage you to check their privacy policies to learn more about their data processing practices. Analytics partners may disclose your data in aggregated manner, for the purposes of showing trends about the use of their services, for advertising services and marketing purposes. We can aggregate the data for benchmarking feature.

5.2.1. Details of using Google. Analytics.

The Games use the Google Analytics web analytics service provided by Google Inc. To learn more about how Google collects and processes your user data, visit In order to control the collection of your data by Google for analytical purposes, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-On -

5.2.2. Details of using Yandex.Metrics.

The Games and the Websites use Yandex.Metrics web analytics provided by Yandex Oy Limited Company - Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland (hereinafter - Yandex). Yandex.Metrica uses "cookies," small text files placed on users' computers to analyze user activity. Information collected by cookies does not reveal your identity, but it can help us to improve our Games and Websites performance. Information about your use of the Games and Websites collected by cookies will be transferred to Yandex and stored on Yandex's server in the EU and the Russian Federation. Yandex will process this information to assess how you use the Games and Websites, compile reports for us on our website operation, and provide other services. Yandex processes this information as specified in the Terms of Use of Yandex.Metrica Service. You can stop using cookies be making relevant adjustments in browser settings. You can also use the tool However, it can affect some website functions. By using our Games and Websites, you agree that Yandex can process your data in the above manner and for the above purposes.

5.3. Advertising partners. We may share some impersonal user data necessary for the transfer of advertisements, accounting for the rendered advertising services with our advertising partners.

5.4. Tracking partners. We allow our partners to track the number of impressions, installations, and other indicators of the effectiveness of our ads, and in this respect they have the right to process some of your user data. For instance, we use Facebook tracking service. Please have a look at their privacy policy:

5.5. Operating partners. We may share any and all of your user data with our partners that provide the following services: (a) hosting, (b) user support, (c) testing, (d) statistical and marketing research, data analysis.

5.6. 2FA providers. We may share your data (such as mobile phone number) with partners providing Two Factor Authentication services.

5.7. Payment partners / licensees. When you purchase something at our official online store, we share with our payment partners your player ID and the amount of the payment. In some cases, we share your email, nickname, IP address and date of your registration in the Game with our licensees who help us to operate the Game and receive payments.

5.8. Partners for the protection against cheats and unfair play. We are using different services to protect our users from cheats and unfair play, including EasyAntiCheat service ("Easy Anti-Cheat"), which are operated by a third-party service provider offering services to us. Easy Anti-Cheat and other similar services have a client software ("Client") that is integrated into the Games (where applicable). When you start a new Game session the Client will automatically load and install its latest version to the Unit. When you are using the Game on your Unit Easy Anti-Cheat (as well as other similar service) is monitoring the Unit, analyzing the Game binaries and scanning the memory of the Unit for the purpose of detecting and preventing cheating in the Game ("Purpose"). For the Purpose Easy Anti-Cheat (as well as other similar service) is storing information regarding cheating methods used in the Game ("Data"). The Data will contain your personal data as described in of the privacy statement of Easy Anti-Cheat. By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Game, you give your consent that Easy Anti-Cheat (as well as other similar service) may gather, store, share and publish Data for the sole purpose of the Purpose. You also acknowledge and agree that the processing activities of Easy Anti-Cheat (as well as other similar service) include automated decision-making which may have significant effects to you as you may be banned from the Game if you have been found to be cheating in it. The Data will be used solely for the Purpose including but not limited to identifying and banning player accounts which are used for cheating in computer games, analyzing cheating behavior and cheating codes, as well as sharing data about cheats with affiliates of Easy Anti-Cheat (as well as other similar service). You are entitled to use the Game only in accordance with applicable terms and conditions and privacy statement of Easy Anti-Cheat -

5.9. Licensees, assignees, purchasers. If we decide to assign the exclusive rights in and to the Game, appoint the licensee to operate the Game, sell the shares of Gaijin Network Ltd. to a purchaser or merger with another company, we may share your user data to the assignee, licensee, purchaser or a new legal entity formed as a result of the merger of Gaijin Network Ltd. with another company, respectively, without your additional consent.

5.10. Affiliates. Being an international company operating worldwide, we may share any and all of your user data with our affiliates (i.e. the companies control us, or being under our control, or being under common control with us), and subsidiaries. We take reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of your user data.

In the future, we may enter into contracts with other partners, we will make every reasonable effort to update the list of our partners given in this Privacy Policy in a timely manner at least once every six months, or more often in the event of a significant change in our data processing practices.

We operate all over the world, and therefore we may transfer your user data to our partners in the different countries including those located outside the European Union or European Economic Area. We guarantee an adequate level of personal data protection in each case. We take reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data transferred to the countries located outside the European Union or European Economic Area, including but not limited to, by entering into standard data protection terms adopted by the European Commission with third parties located outside the European Union or European Economic Area (a copy of which we will provide upon request)


6.1. Right of access

You have the right to request with reasonable frequency information about your personal data we store and require us to provide you with a copy of your personal data we store or access to such data. To exercise this right, you should send us a request to our support service and follow the instructions provided or send us such a request directly in your personal account (where available). Please note that in some cases, to comply with a request, we may ask you to provide us with some additional information necessary to identify you as our user. We undertake to comply with your request free of charge within one (1) month of receipt, but in some cases provided by the law, this period may be extended by a further (2) two months. We have the right to refuse to comply with your request or charge a reasonable fee, if your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.

6.2. Right to opt out of personalized (interest-based) ads and direct marketing

6.2.1. You may change the settings of your browser at any time and opt out of the analytics cookies on, in accordance with the instruction given in article 10.

6.2.2. You also have the right to customize the collection and processing of your data by our Analytics partners in accordance with the instructions contained in article 5.2.

6.2.3. We may send you targeted in-game offers based on the analysis of your user data (mainly data about your in-game activity) in accordance with certain algorithms. These in-game offers do not significantly affect your rights and interests, they are designed to provide you with timely interesting (in our opinion) offers for you. However, if you want to opt out of receiving targeted in-game offers from us, please let us know by contacting our support service or through game settings (where available).

6.2.4. We have the right to send you direct marketing messages by email, as specified in subclause (2) of clause 3. You may unsubscribe from such mailings by following the instructions provided in the e-mail received from us. Please note that your refusal to receive direct marketing messages from us does not affect our right to send you emails specified in subclause 1(h) of clause 3.

6.3. Right to rectification

You have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified. You can change some data about you directly in the Game settings (for example, such data as nickname or profile in social network linked to your game profile). Please inform us by contacting our support service if any of your personal data retained by us is inaccurate. Please note that in some cases, to comply with a request, we may ask you to provide us with some additional information necessary to identify you as our user. We undertake to comply with your request free of charge within one (1) month of receipt, but in some cases provided by the law, this period may be extended by a further (2) two months. We have the right to refuse to comply with your request or charge a reasonable fee, if your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.

6.4. Right to erasure

You have the right to have your personal data retained by us erased by contacting our support service or by sending the request through your personal account (where available). Please note that in some cases, to comply with a request, we may ask you to provide us with some additional information necessary to identify you as our user. We undertake to comply with your request free of charge within one (1) month of receipt, but in some cases provided by the law, this period may be extended by a further (2) two months.

Note that complying with your request to erase your personal data will result in deletion of your game account and/or in all game results and game progress associated with your game account being irretrievably lost, so consider this when deciding to erase your personal data.

Please also note that uninstallation of the Game on your mobile device does not automatically result in the erasure of your personal data on our game servers.

We have the right to continue to retain some of your user data even after complying with your erasure request, if (1) we are required to do so in order to comply with the applicable law; or (2) you user data have been anonymized and therefore is no longer your personal data.

6.5. Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. Please let us know about your objections at

6.6. Other rights

You may have other rights in accordance with your applicable law (for example, the right to data portability is also guaranteed for European users by the General Data Protection Regulations effective of May 25, 2018). To effectuate your other rights, please contact us at

If you believe that your personal data rights have been violated, please let us know at You also have the right to file a complaint with your local supervisory authority about the violation of your personal data rights in the country of your location.


Our Games and services are not aimed at children under the age of 13 (as well as children who have not reached other applicable age of consent in accordance with the law), and we do not intentionally collect or solicit personal data from them. If we learn that we have unintentionally collected personal data from a child under 13 (or a child who has not reached the age of consent in accordance with applicable law) without the consent of his or her parental responsibility holder, we will take all reasonable steps to erase this information as soon as possible. If you find out that your child has provided us with his or her personal data without your consent, please contact us at Please provide us with conclusive evidences that (a) personal data was provided by a child who has not reached the minimum age of consent in accordance with applicable law, and (b) you are his or her parental responsibility holder.


We retain your personal data we collect as long as your game account is active and as long as it is necessary to provide you with access to the Games and while we have legitimate interest in processing your personal data, from the moment we receive your personal data and till the moment when we erase your personal data in accordance with article 6.4. Please note that some of your user data, as set forth in article 6.4., will not be erased even after the complying with your erasure request. We also erase your personal data after reaching the goal for which we collected them (i.e., data set forth in clauses 2.1.4., 2.1.5.).


In order to ensure the security of processing your personal data we constantly develop and implement technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse, alteration, loss and destruction.


We and our partners (i.e., advertising partners, analytics partners) may use cookies and other similar technologies (web beacons, pixels, device ID, etc.) to recognize you and/or your device for the purposes of provision our services and personalization of the Games, the Website and related services, for the analysis of your use of our Games and Website, for showing you the personalized ads and prevention of fraud. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, please visit In addition, some third-party advertisers can use cookies in their advertising campaigns within our Games and Website. Such cookies are used to collect anonymous behavioral information that advertisers use to provide personalized ads within and outside of our Games and the Website. To disable this feature, go to, and follow the steps described there. In addition, you can disable these and other cookies in your browser settings. However, please note that some of the functions of the Games, the Website and the related services may not be available to you or may work improperly in the event that you disable some cookies that are not related to the personalization of ads, while in general the Games and the Website will remain accessible to you.


"The current version of this Privacy Policy is available at,,,

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any updates to this Privacy Policy come into effect from the moment of publication of the updated version of the Privacy Policy at the webpages listed above, unless another effective date is specified in the text of the updated version of the Privacy Policy

Last updated 24th of May 2018

本プライバシーポリシーでは、Gaijin Network Ltd. (以下「Gaijin」と称する)が提供するオンラインゲーム『War Thunder』、『CROSSOUT』(以下「ゲーム」と称する)、及び本プライバシーが掲載されているゲームの公式オンラインストア(、各ゲームの公式ウェブサイト( やその他ゲームやGaijinに関連したウェブサイト(以下「ウェブサイト」と称する)、またその他サービス(サポートサービス、ゲーム内チャット、フォーラム等)をお客様が使用する際に、Gaijinが収集及び処理する情報について記載されています。



1. 情報管理者


情報管理者名: Gaijin Network Ltd.

住所: Kyriakou Matsi, 10 Liliana Building, 2nd floor Office 203, PC 1082 Nicosia, Cyprus


2. Gaijinが収集する情報

2.1. お客様がGaijinに提供する情報:

2.1.1. ゲームアカウント作成時:ニックネームとメールアドレス

2.1.2. サポートチームへ連絡、チャット内でのメッセージ送信及びフォーラムにコメント時:お客様の意思と同意、またはそのどちらかの上で送信された情報

2.1.3. 2段階認証の設定時:お客様の携帯番号

2.1.4. 賞品または贈答品を送るためにお客様が情報を提供した時:賞品または贈答品の送付と使用、またはそのどちらかに必要な情報

2.1.5. Gaijinの調査に参加時:調査の参加に必要な情報

2.2. Gaijinが自動的に収集する可能性がある情報:

2.2.1. Gaijinが生成したユーザーID

2.2.2. IPアドレス

2.2.3. お客様の端末情報(オペレーティング・システム、ブラウザの種類、言語、製造者、モデル、解像度、インターフェース言語)

2.2.4. プロフィール情報及びゲームプレイ情報

2.2.5. トラフィックソース(お客様のモバイル端末にインストールされているゲームからのソース)

2.2.6. 概略的な位置情報(位置情報を特定するものではなく、通常国名や市町村名)

2.2.7. ゲームプレイのデータ及び他のユーザーとの接触記録(アプリケーションのインストール日、アプリケーションのバージョン、インターフェイス言語、お客様のゲーム内アクティビティの量的及び時間の記録の情報、ゲームの功績、完了したゲームのタスク、課金情報、ゲームの結果、他のユーザーとの接触記録、最後にゲームをプレイした日時、ゲーム内から寄せられたお問い合わせに関する情報等)

2.2.8. お客様からいただいたGaijinのサポートチームへの要求や、本プライバシーポリシーに基づいてGaijinに寄せられたその他の要求

2.3. Gaijinのパートナーから収集する情報:

2.3.1. お客様がGaijinのゲームと、FacebookやGmailなどの第三者サービスを紐付けている場合、特定の第三者のサービスのプライバシー設定に基づいた、名前(ニックネーム)、メールアドレス、プロフィール画像、お客様と同じゲームをプレイしている友人の情報

2.3.2. 詐欺やゲームプレイにおける不正行為の対処を行うための情報

2.3.3. 支払いや他のプラットフォームのID等を検証するためのゲームを実行しているプラットフォームからの情報

2.3.4. お客様により良いサービスを提供するための宣伝用及び分析用の情報

2.3.5. お客様がGaijinの公式ストア(にて購入を行った際に請求明細書を送付するため、支払いパートナーから入手した情報

2.4. Gaijinが収集するパブリック情報:

2.4.1. テキスト、音声、動画の形式にてお客様から頂いたゲームやGaijinのサービスに関するフィードバック、コメント、ご意見

2.5. Gaijinが収集しない情報:

2.5.1. クレジットカードのデータ等、支払手段のデータを収集することはありません。

2.5.2. お客様の健康状態や国籍、宗教、政治観等の「特殊なカテゴリーについての個人データ」を提供するよう要求することはありません。これらの情報をウェブサイトやゲーム内チャット、フォーラムで共有する際はご注意ください。

3. お客様情報の処理の目的



(a) ゲーム及びウェブサイトの運営や管理、サポート

(b) ユーザープロフィールの作成、ユーザーデータベースの構築及び維持

(c) 不具合の報告の受理、ユーザーのゲーム経験値の向上、Gaijinのサービスの質の改善、開発、ゲームや関連するサービスの改善

(d) チャットやフォーラム上でのユーザー同士のコミュニケーションの実現

(e) 匿名で寄せられた結果を基に調査や研究、分析、統合を実施

(f) お客様のためにGaijinのゲーム及びウェブサイトをカスタマイズ(例:お客様の好みや設定を保管)

(g) お客様による特定の行動の実施を確認するため、携帯電話番号、またはメールにてメッセージを送信

(h) 技術的なメッセージやサービス通知、規制文書の変更を含む法的通知の送信、お客様からのサポートサービスへのお問い合わせに対する返信、お客様から寄せられたお問い合わせに対するプライバシーポリシーやその他の義務的情報に基づいたGaijinの考慮結果のメール送信

(2) お客様に合わせた専用広告を表示し直接販売メッセージを送信することを目的とし、Gaijinの分析パートナー(詳細は項目5.2をご覧ください)やその他のパートナーはお客様のオンライン上での挙動を追跡し、それを基にゲーム及びウェブサイトにて専用広告を表示します。また、ゲームの使用状況に基づき、お客様に合わせた専用のゲーム内オファーを提供します。ゲームのパッチ、アップデート、ニュース、次回のリリース、特別な広告やオファー等に関する情報メッセージをメールにて送信します。専用広告や直接販売のオプトアウトの権利については項目6.2.をご覧ください。

(3) セキュリティの強化及び詐欺やゲーム内での不正行為の対処を目的とし、お客様のゲーム内での挙動の監視及び分析を行い、公平なプレイの規則に反したプレイヤーに対して措置を講じ、適切な予防策を取ります。

(4) 収集したすべての情報を分析し、情報の区分化及び統計を行います。

(5) 適用法令に準拠し、法的義務を実行し、権利を行使及び保護し、お客様の重大利益及びその他の利益を保護します。

4. お客様情報の公開


5. 第三者へのお客様情報の共有


5.1. Gaijinは、法的能力を有する法執行機関や規制当局、政府機関、適用法令に関する裁判所、法的要求への返答として、お客様情報を共有する場合があります。

5.2. 分析パートナー:Gaijinは一部のお客様情報の統計や分析を行い、お客様に合わせた専用広告を提供するパートナー(以下「分析パートナー」と称する)に共有します。このようなパートナーには、GoogleアナリスティックやYandex.Metricsが含まれています。各分析パートナーによる情報処理の詳細については、各分析パートナーのプライバシーポリシーをご確認ください。分析パートナーは、サービスの利用動向、広告サービス及びマーケティング目的の傾向を示す目的で、収集したお客様の情報を開示する場合があります。Gaijinはベンチマーク機能のデータを収集することができます。

5.2.1. Googleアナリティクス使用の詳細

ゲームでは、Google Inc.に提供されているGoogleアナリティクスを使用しています。Googleのお客様情報の収集及び処理方法については、をご覧ください。分析に使用するためにGoogleが収集したお客様情報を管理するには、よりGoogle アナリティクス オプトアウト アドオンをインストールしてください。

5.2.2. Yandex.Metricsの使用について

Gaijinのゲーム及びウェブサイトには、Yandex Oy社(所在地:Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland)(以下「Yandex」と称する)が提供しているYandex.Metricsウェブアナリティクスが使用されています。Yandex.Metricaは、お客様の行動分析を目的としてお客様のコンピューターに搭載されている小さなテキストファイル「クッキー」を使用します。クッキーが収集した情報でお客様の身元が明らかになることはありませんが、Gaijinのゲーム及びウェブサイトのパフォーマンスの改善に役立ちます。クッキーが収集したお客様のゲーム及びウェブサイトの使用情報はYandexへと伝達され、欧州やロシア連邦のYandexのサーバー上に保管されます。お客様がどのようにゲーム及びウェブサイトを使用しているかの査定を行ったり、ウェブサイト運営におけるお客様からの報告をまとめたり、他のサービスを提供することを目的とし、Yandexはこの情報の処理を行います。Yandexは、Yandex.Metricaサービスの利用規約に記載されている通り、この情報の処理を行います。ブラウザ設定にてクッキーの使用停止や関連する調整を行うことができます。また、ツール(を使用することもできますが、これは一部のウェブサイトの機能に影響を及ぼす可能性があります。Gaijinのゲーム及びウェブサイトを使用することにより、前述した目的の下、Yandexがお客様の情報を処理すること承諾したものとみなされます。

5.3. 広告パートナー:Gaijinは、Gaijinの広告パートナーによって生成されている広告サービスを考慮し、広告の転移に必要な一部の匿名のお客様情報を共有する場合があります。

5.4. 追跡パートナー:Gaijinは、Gaijinのパートナーがインプレッション、インストール、Gaijinの広告による効果測定をの数を追跡することを承認しており、パートナーは一部のお客様情報を処理する権利を所有しています。例として、GaijinはFacebookの追跡サービスを使用しています。詳細はFacebookのプライバシーポリシー(をご覧ください。

5.5. 運営パートナー:Gaijinは、以下のサービスを提供するパートナーに一部、もしくはすべてのお客様を共有する場合があります:(a)運営、(b)ユーザーサポート、(c)テスト、(d)統計や市場調査、データ分析

5.6. 二段階認証:Gaijinは、携帯電話番号などのお客様情報を二段階認証を提供しているパートナーに共有する場合があります。

5.7. 支払いのパートナー及び被許諾者:Gaijinのオンラインストア(にて購入を行う場合、Gaijinはパートナーにお客様のプレイヤーIDや支払金額を共有します。場合によっては、お客様のメールアドレスやニックネーム、IPアドレス、ゲームに登録を行った日付を、Gaijinのゲーム運営を支援し、決済を行う被許諾者に共有します。

5.8. 不正行為や不公平なプレイを防ぐためのパートナー:ユーザーが不正行為や不公平なプレイを行うことを防ぐため、Gaijinは、Gaijinにサービスを提供している第三者のサービス提供会社が運営しているEasyAntiCheatサービス(以下「EasyAnti-Cheat」と称する)を含む様々なサービスを活用しています。EasyAnti-Cheatやその他同様のサービスには、適切なゲームに統合されているクライアントソフトウェア(以下「クライアント」と称する)があります。お客様が新たにゲームセッションを開始する場合、自動的にユニットに最新バージョンのクライアントを読み込みインストールします。ユニットを監視するEasy Anti-Cheatユニットやその他の同様のサービスを使用すると、ゲーム内での不正行為の検知及び阻止を目的とし、ゲームバイナリの分析やユニットのメモリのスキャンが実行されます。Easy Anti-Cheatやその他同様のサービスは、ゲーム内で使用された不正行為の方法に関する情報の保管を目的としています。Easy Anti-Cheatのプライバシーポリシーにも記載されている通り、データにはお客様の個人情報が含まれます。ゲームをインストール、コピー、またはその他の方法で使用すると、Easy Anti-Cheatやその他同様のサービスによる情報の収集、保管、共有、公開に同意したことになります。また、ゲーム内での不正行為が発覚し、ゲームから追放された場合、ユーザーに多大な影響を与えることとなる自動意思決定を含む、Easy Anti-Cheatやその他同様のサービスのデータ処理機能に同意及び承諾したことになります。データは、コンピューターゲームでの不正行為、不正行為の挙動、不正行為コードの分析、Easy Anti-Cheatやその他同様のサービスの提携による不正行為に関するデータの共有に使用されたプレイヤーアカウントの検知及び追放を含むが、これに限定されるものではない目的として使用されます。お客様には、適用諸条件やEasy Anti-Cheatのプライバシーポリシーに従ってゲームを使用する権利が与えられています(。

5.9. 被許諾者、受託者、購入者:ゲームの権利を譲渡、ゲームを運営するための被許諾者を任命、Gaijin Network Ltd.の株を購入者に売却、もしくは他企業と合併することになった場合、Gaijinは譲受人や被許諾者、購入者、Gaijin Network Ltd.が他企業と合併した場合は新たに設置された合法的な組織に、お客様の付加的な同意なしに、お客様情報を共有する場合があります。

5.10. 提携企業:世界中にサービスを展開する国際的な企業として、Gaijinはお客様情報をGaijinの提携企業(例:Gaijinを管理している企業、Gaijinの傘下にある企業、共同支配下の企業)や補助企業と共有する場合があります。Gaijinは、ユーザーデータの機密性を保証するための適正措置を取ります。



6. お客様の権利

6.1. アクセス権利


6.2. 個人の関心に基づいた広告や直接販売をオプトアウトできる権利

6.2.1. 項目10に記載されている説明に従い、いつでもブラウザの設定を変更したり、アナリティクスのクッキーのオプトアウト設定をオンにすることができます。

6.2.2. また、項目5.2に記載されている説明に従い、お客様は収集及び処理済みのご自身の情報をGaijinのアナリティクスパートナーによってカスタマイズすることができる権利を有しています。

6.2.3. 特定のアルゴリズムに従って統計したお客様情報の統計(主にゲーム内のアクティビティのデータ)に基づき、Gaijinは的を絞った広告等をゲーム内に掲載します。タイムリーな広告をユーザーへ提供することを目的として設計されているため、これらのゲーム内の広告がお客様の権利や関心に多大な影響を及ぼすことはありません。しかし、的を絞ったゲーム内の広告をオプトアウトすることを希望するお客様は、Gaijinのサポートサービス(に連絡、または有効なアカウントを使用してゲーム内で設定を行ってください。

6.2.4. Gaijinには、項目3節(2)でも述べられている通り、直接販売のメッセージをメールにてユーザーへ送信することができる権利を有しています。Gaijinが送信したメール内に記載されている説明に従い、これらのメールを解除することもできます。Gaijinが送信する直接販売のメッセージをユーザーが拒否しても、Gaijinがメールを送信することができる権利に影響を与えることはありません。

6.3. 改正権利


6.4. 削除権利



6.5. 異議を唱える権利


6.6. その他の権利



7. 未成年者の個人データ


8. データ保持


9. 情報セキュリティ


10. クッキー


11. プライバシーポリシーの更新



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